I-MED Radiology Network Partners with MRI Online to Bring Best In Class Training Solution to its Radiologists.

I-MED Radiology, Australia’s leading medical imaging provider, announced a multi-year agreement to implement MRI Online’s education and talent management platform.

Cincinnati, OH. Sept. 9, 2021 - I-MED’s vision is to be the most respected and trusted medical imaging specialists in the world. “The quality of I-MED’s people, state-of-the-art technology, and quality diagnostics set I-MED apart,” said I-MED Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ron Shnier. Dr. Shnier is dual fellowship trained in Musculoskeletal and Neuroradiology and understands the value of education, continuous training, and deep subspecialty expertise. “In a competitive environment, MRI Online helps us attract new radiologists, provide professional development opportunities to our current radiologists and grow advanced imaging services across our network.”

I-MED partnered with MRI Online to craft a first-of-its-kind training program called the Junior Consultant Pathway, which provides year-long subspecialty training for new radiology hires. In addition, I-MED is making the MRI Online platform available to radiologists in the I-MED network in order to meet their ongoing continuing education, accreditation, and training needs. This program delivers personalized micro-learning and simulation-based training developed by top US-based academic radiologists. Faculty include Dr. David Yousem, Dr. Stephen Pomeranz, Dr. Rachel Brem, and over 200 more U.S. based academic radiologists.

“At MRI Online, our vision is to empower providers to advance healthcare,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Daniel Arnold. “I-MED shares our vision and is dedicated to advancing clinical quality, engaging radiologists, and staying up-to-date on new technology. With the shortage of radiologists globally, the rapid growth of advanced imaging, and the coming innovations in artificial intelligence, the need has never been greater. We are excited to partner with I-MED to raise the bar of patient care in the region.”

About I-MED Radiology Network

I-MED Radiology Network is one of the largest radiology practices globally, with over 350 radiologists and 266 clinics across Australia. I-MED’s vision is to be the most respected and trusted medical imaging specialists in the world. 

About MRI Online

MRI Online empowers radiologists to provide better care through online training, data analytics, and clinical workflow integrations. MRI Online has 100 courses in areas such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, neurodegenerative disease, cardiac disease, and musculoskeletal imaging. All MRI Online courses are accredited for continuing education by the ACCME. Learn more at mrionline.com.